as far as i can remember, i always seem to have had issues with food.    as a teenager I became totally anemic and weighed just under 40 kilos, later in life i suffered from a major hepatitis b where I spent over six months in bed.  luckily at the time i was graced with the help of a very understanding and dedicated allopathic doctor who recommended that in order to recuperate and save my life that i should refrain from eating meat and dairy products. i won the battle!!!!    and came out with flying colours.    my goal from then was to help people with serious health challenges, hence i became a pioneer in reflexology on the balearic island of mallorca and continued to follow similar studies over the years from a reiki pupil to master.

once again i was bedridden for 2 months!!  suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and once again my life was saved through food, this time the macrobiotic way of eating.  i survived again!!!!!

i continued to train with many renowned names in the international health community as a rebirther and technician for psychotherapy.   during one of my trainings in virginia u.s.a.  i purchased a book written by david wolfe all about raw food.   i had no idea what this was, but i ‘devoured’ the book in one night and the following day i was at the internet to find out more about this amazing concept.

wow and behold he was giving a lecture in new york the following week.   i was there to listen to the information that ‘just blew my mind’ and made so much sense. ‘cooked food is dead’ and ‘raw food is life’.

i became ‘raw’ the following day. 2 years later i trained at the hippocrates health institute classified by the ‘spa magazine ‘ as the number 1 health spa in the world in west palm beach florida.   i have lost 14 kilos and i was a vegetarian!   i work out at the gym 5 days a week and i have never felt so full of life. life is so exciting and envigorating, we can all feel the same!!!!! this way of eating can change your life forever!!!!